World Migration Report 2024

World Migration Report 2024

World Migration Report 2024


Dhaka/Geneva, May 7 – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) today launched the World Migration Report 2024, which reveals significant changes in global migration patterns, including a record number of displaced people and a large increase in international remittances. IOM Director-General Amy Pope officially launched the report in Bangladesh. which stands at the forefront of migration challenges including immigration, migration and displacement.


IOM Director-General Amy Pope said at the unveiling, “The World Migration Report 2024 helps demystify the complexity of people’s mobility through evidence-based data and analysis.” The study shows that worldwide migration continues to be a major factor in economic growth and human development, as seen by the more than 650 percent increase in international remittances from USD 128 billion to USD 831 billion between 2000 and 2022.


The increase continued despite many analysts’ predictions that remittances would decline significantly due to Covid-19.”In a world plagued by uncertainty, understanding migration dynamics is essential for informed decision-making and effective policy responses, and the World Migration Report sheds light on long-standing trends and emerging challenges. This advances understanding.”


As a Global Compact championing safe, orderly and regular migration, Bangladesh has demonstrated strong commitment to addressing migration issues and implementing policies that protect migrants’ rights.This proactive participation aligns with IOM’s strategic goals, which makes Bangladesh a perfect place to introduce the 2024 World Migration Report.


The increase continued despite many analysts’ predictions that remittances would decline significantly due to Covid-19. Advances this understanding.” Of those 831 billion in remittances, 647 billion were sent by migrants to low- and middle-income countries. These remittances can form a significant portion of that country’s GDP, and globally, these remittances now exceed foreign direct investment in those countries.


Migration, an intrinsic part of human history, is often shrouded in sensationalist narratives. However, the reality is much more nuanced than the headlines capture. Most migration is regular, secure, and regionally concentrated, directly linked to opportunities and livelihoods. Yet, misinformation and politicization have clouded the public discourse, which calls for a clear and accurate portrayal of migration dynamics.


“We hope that the report will inspire collaborative efforts to harness the potential of migration as a driver of human development and global prosperity,” stated DG Pope.

It will also take up emerging issues and challenges related to migration and development for informed discussion at the level.” Dr. Hasan Mahmood, Hon’ble Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The World Migration Report 2024 reveals the latest global trends and challenges in human mobility.


The research highlights important data and shows that although migration abroad continues to be a major factor in human growth, problems still exist. 

With an estimated 281 million international migrants worldwide, the number of people displaced by conflict, violence, disasters and other causes has risen to the highest level in modern-day records,hitting 117 million, highlighting how urgently the displacement situation needs to be addressed.


As the world struggles to cope with global economic imbalances, demographic trends and climate change, migration will become a necessity for countries of all income levels in the coming decades. If managed well, migration can be a force for prosperity and help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


When people bring skills and qualities that strongly match the needs of their destination societies—maximize the net benefits for them, their countries of destination, and their countries of origin. Reduce the need for distressed movements while respecting the human rights and dignity of migrants — and recognize the key role of development in this effort.

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