Iftekhar Rafsan – Height, Bio, Wiki, Family, Birthplace, Networth & More

Iftekhar Rafsan – Height, Bio, Wiki, Family, Birthplace, Networth & More


Iftekhar Rafsan, popularly known as ‘Rafsan the Chhotovhai’, is a prominent YouTuber in Bangladesh. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular food-bloggers in the country, although he refers to himself more as an ‘entertainer’ than a food-vlogger. In a recent interview on HardPixelTV, he talked about his life, YouTubing and beyond. Details about his reminder of life are relatively scarce, but he developed a passion for creative creation from a young age, notably outside of gaming and grub. 22-year-old Rafsan gained a lot of popularity by creating videos on YouTube. But that doesn’t make him a celebrity. “When I’m in front of the camera, I can’t afford to change from who I really am. I love talking to people and making friends. But a lot of people text me and sometimes it’s hard for me to answer everything. They ,” he said.


When asked how the story behind the title “Rafsan the Chhotubhai” started, he said, “I was in class eight and I randomly shot a video. The name ‘Rafsan the Chhotovhai’ came as randomly as the video. Everyone laughed at it and I made the video private. Forced, I decided that once my YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers, I would republish the video.”



Rafsan studied from Chota Bhai University- Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). His educational qualification is B.Sc in Computer Science and Technology.



He is tall in feet: 6 feet 2 inches, in meters: 1.879 m, in centimeters: 187.96 cm and in inches: 74 inches.


Working Life

Rafsan started his career as a full-fledged architect by focusing primarily on gaming. As she gained traction and a following on YouTube, she expanded her two full-fledged contributions to cookery and beverage-related videos. In 2018, he was named “Best Java in Dhaka?” Venture into his video titled 2 The Foodie Break Humor. Dis marked da start his adventure 2 full of variety in that two made a wide crowd


Since his debut on the platform in 2017, Rafsan has amassed an impressive following, boasting over 150,000 subscribers to his channel. In addition to his successful YouTube career, he has also excelled as a professional esports athlete, showcasing his versatility and passion for gaming. In 2020, his outstanding contribution and achievements were recognized by receiving the prestigious “Top Content Creator of the Year (2019)” award presented by Junaid Ahmed Palak, Hon’ble ICT Minister of Bangladesh. This accolade further cements Rafsan’s status as a highly respected figure in Bangladesh’s digital content creation landscape.


Net Worth

Must Know Net Worth and Luxury Facts of Rafsan the younger brother. A well-known YouTube personality According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes and Business Insider: Rafsan the younger brother’s net worth is around 8 million USD.


Rafsan Chhota Bhai name is Nafis Rafsan if you want to know the marital status of Rafsan Chhota Bhai then he is single. He is a well known YouTube personality and recognized for his gaming and cooking videos on his channel. Starting his content creation journey with a focus on gaming, he expanded into food and beverages in 2018. He is most successful on YouTube. His YouTube name is Rafsan, the younger brother. Now his YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers and 210+ videos. His YouTube content is food related. He says he has no girlfriend. Many people think that Tasneem Sunehra is the girlfriend of “Rafsan the younger brother” but they are both friends.



Rafsan wants to expose his YouTube channel to an international audience. After the crisis ends, he plans to travel abroad and visit every country. A popular YouTuber, a businessman, an entrepreneur and a social media influencer, Rafsan doesn’t want to look back. He was awarded ‘The Top Content Creator of the Year (2019)’ by the Minister of State for ICT. It is understandable that YouTube’s ‘little brother’ intends to make it bigger in the future.


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