Althaf Mahmud Wife, Age, Bio, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Althaf Mahmud Wife, Age, Bio, Height, Wiki, Net Worth


Althaf Mahmud Wife, Age, Bio, Height, Wiki, Net Worth


Altaf Mahmud is a Bangladeshi composer, martyred freedom fighter in culture and independence war. Mahmud Altaf was born on December 23, 1933 in the political page of Barisal Thursday. In 1953 Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury composed the song ‘Amar Bhai’s Bloody Rangano Ekushe February’ with a new tune by Altaf Mahmud. After doing this three times, he composed a new tune. The first melody of the song is Abdul Latif. Altaf Mahmud is the new Surtin. He appreciated Navrup’s song very much. He was a linguist and the present tune of the Martyr’s song Amar Bhai Rangi Raon is composed by him. He is best known as the composer of this song.


As a child, he mischievously used his name on the bark of a jackfruit tree, ‘Jhilu Digret’. In the hands of those small Jhilu, the morning glory will rise, in the birth of that Jhalui bird, the beautiful song of Bengali melody will be born. In war, his home will become the storehouse of weapons of Bengalis. Keto se Jhilli Torke Sele Parv avh will tell his comrades. I did it, all the responsibility is mine. We have no need for Jhelu the great Bengali song by the legendary composer Altaf Chowdhury.



In 1948 from Barisal Zilla School he passed the matriculation examination and made the BM examination. He later attended Calcutta Arts School to learn painting. In many places the situation is good. Mahmud started singing. He understood musical training from world renowned violinist Suren Roy. Again he learned to sing chants which declared him to possess candidacy and power.


working life

In 1950, Altaf Mahmud joined the Dhumketu Sangh in Dhaka. Later he took up the position of ‘Music’ in this organization. In 194 “Bhoena Shanti” Mahmud was invited, but the government in Karachi gave his passport to the institute he could attend. He took advanced musical training under Ustad Abdul Quader Khan till 1963. Additionally he worked as an assistant to choreographer Ghanshyam and music director Debu Bhattacharya. After returning to Dhaka, Karachi, Mahmood acted in 19 different films.


These include Bell Pic Jeevan Se, Kaise Kahu, Kar Bou, Tanha Hula, Playing with Fire, Two Brothers, Country Path Bend, Adarsh Chapkhana, Nayantara, Saphat Ni, Revenge, Kaghang, Kucharan Janam, Suyorani Duyorani, Apan Dulal. , Sapta Dinga etc. He was with the state and various cultural organizations. Apart from musical talent, Mahmud could also draw. Altaf Mahmud was associated with Bangla Betar Kendra. Many patriotic songs were broadcasted by Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra to his tunes. Ekkas used to keep weapons in the kitchen in his house. Altaf Mahmud started collecting money for his associates.


Net worth

Altaf Mahmud was associated with Bangla Betar Kendra. Many patriotic songs were broadcasted by Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra in his tune. Ekkas used to keep weapons in the kitchen at his house. Altaf Mahmood started collecting money for his associates. Get any accurate information about his net worth.



She is married to Ara Mahmud. Their daughter’s name is Shawn Mahmud. When Altaf Mahmud’s eviction from the family home in Malibag was discussed, Altaf Mahmud’s schoolgirl daughter Shawn Mahmud was placed on a tree. In 1971, Altaf Mahmud took part in the War of Independence. He establishes his secret identity with individuals. But Cap’s news leaked out on August 30, 1971, taking many gays with him. Altaf Mahmud did not return.



Altaf was Mahmud of the people. He was a man in the mass movement. Music was the tool in those movements. He sang with the harmonium in his throat, from the town to the port, to the city, to the highway. A journey that began with a 16-year-old singing ‘Bhukha Hoon’ at a farmers’ public meeting in Barisal, then moved the human heart through defiant songs like ‘Ekusher Gaan’, ‘Miniv Ki Mukh’, ‘Jhanjha Mora Rukh’ after the 1970 military cyclone. gave And we see his unequal class forever.


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